STM Daily News: Pickleball Doc, Voucher Savings, UFO Mystery

June 02, 2024 00:08:14
STM Daily News: Pickleball Doc, Voucher Savings, UFO Mystery
STM Daily News Podcast
STM Daily News: Pickleball Doc, Voucher Savings, UFO Mystery

Jun 02 2024 | 00:08:14


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Rodney Washington Mike Sliwa

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Join us on the STM Daily News podcast, your ultimate source for news and updates. In this episode, we wrap up some captivating stories, including the thrilling documentary "Dreambreaker: A Pickleball Story" featuring pro-Pickleball pioneer Mike Sleeves Sliwa. We also share exciting news for Victoria's Secret, Pink, and Bath & Body Works shoppers, and delve into the mystery of a strange UFO sighting over Arizona. Tune in to stay informed, engaged, and entertained. Until next time, stay curious with STM Daily News!

Links to the stories featured in this episode:

Dreambreaker: A Pickleball story

Find out how to get $15 off your purchase from Bath & Body Works and others...

Strange UFO over Arizona

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:07] Speaker A: The stories this moment podcast and the STM blog are brought to you by STM Daily News and TNC Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps, heals and educates. STM Daily News is the news you can use. This moment now here's your host, Rod Washington. [00:00:28] Speaker B: Welcome back to another exciting episode of the STM podcast, where we dive deep into the topics that matter in our daily lives. I'm your host, Rob Washington, and today we have a captivating episode in store for you. But before we begin, let's take a quick break. Before we jump into the show, are. [00:00:52] Speaker C: You a devoted pickleball enthusiast in search of top notch gear and services? Look no further than sleeves affiliate shop, your ultimate destination for all things pickleball. Not only will you discover an impressive selection of sleeve specific merch gear, but you'll also get the chance to explore gear and merchandise that our terrific show host Mike Slieva has previously reviewed. But that's not all. At Sleeve's pickleball affiliate and partner shop, you'll find links to our friends of the show who offer pickleball specific online stores, apps and services. By stopping by and checking out our extraordinary collections, you not only enhance your game, but also show your support for our show sleeve senior Pickleball report. So why wait? Join us in celebrating the love for Pickleball and dive into a world of top notch gear and services. [00:01:49] Speaker B: Welcome back. Today we wrap up some of the top stories that we have recently covered on the news blog, so let's dive right in. Our first story takes us into the world of professional pickleball. Mike Slieve Sliva, the beloved host of sleeve senior Pickleball report, has taken center stage once again. This time, he's been featured in a thrilling documentary titled A Pickleball Story, directed by the talented Ashley Underwood. Under the banner of film 45, the documentary captures the real time journey of pro pickleball pioneers, from unlikely partners like senior citizen nudist to billionaire investors cashing in on America's latest gold rush, the stakes have never been higher. The drama unfolds as two wealthy Texas entrepreneurs form rival professional pickleball leagues and compete for the world's top players. Even sports icons LeBron James and Tom Brady have joined the game, betting big on pro pickleball by purchasing teams in an emerging league. It's a high energy, must watch documentary that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Listen to Mike as he talks a. [00:02:49] Speaker D: Little about the film sleeves here. Talking about my experience with Dream Breaker, a pickleball story I got involved with the film in about June of 2022. I got contacted and was asked if I would be interested in participating on some level. And I wasn't really sure what exactly my role would be, and I didn't really hear back after that. So I didn't get involved with the film on a regular basis until about six months after the initial contact. And at that point, it was made clear to me that I was probably going to end up narrating parts of the film. And so they had me shoot some video on a phone and upload it to Dropbox and gave me different themes and different topics. It was really, in a sense, sort of a long form audition to see if I would fit in the film, because I obviously, I live a pretty alternative lifestyle, live in the middle of nowhere in a mongolian ger, which most people would call a yurt, with my wife and my cat and my dog. So I was sort of this hippie dude living out in the middle of nowhere playing pickleball. And they figured after I sent them about five months of videos, that, yeah, I was probably going to be a fit. I ended up being in the film, which premiered here at the end of May. I enjoyed the film. I thought my role was very interesting, where I was kind of transitioning between scenes and explaining what was going on and filling in some of the gaps. And it was sort of a different look. Obviously, everything was sort of high profile and these athletes running around and big money being spent on, you know, this game by millionaires and celebrities and billionaires. And then they cut to me, you know, sitting with my tie dye shirt on, playing around on my base. So I think it took a little bit of edge off the film and gave a little bit of comic relief. So I think it's a good film. It talks about, really, the money being poured into this game at all levels, but specifically the professional level. And, well, it's incredible, the people that are investing in this game, the LeBron James, the Tom Brady's, Kim Kleisters, you name it, Chris Everett. And there's billionaires that are kind of ruling the roost, so to speak. So, yeah, check out Dreambreaker, a pickleball story. I think you'll enjoy it, and it'll show you kind of how capitalism is working on a sport that's exploding globally. [00:04:56] Speaker B: Mike, where can we see the film? [00:04:58] Speaker D: You can watch currently at the San Francisco Film Festival, which is going on, and you can stream it as well, and there's a link that will be shared. [00:05:06] Speaker B: Thanks, Mike. Personally, as an editor, and producer of his pickleball podcast. I have witnessed the rapid progression of the sport and the events and the timeline as it progressed through the documentary. It definitely gave me a surreal feeling watching it unfold on the screen. We will soon sit down with Mike on an upcoming episode of this podcast where he'll give us the details. Attention all Victoria's Secret pink and bath body work shoppers. We have some exciting news to share with you. If you've made a purchase at any of these stores between May 10, 2021 and August 8, 2021, listen closely. You might be eligible to receive a voucher worth up to $15 off a single purchase at any of these stores in the future. Yes, you heard it right. It's an incredible opportunity to save on your favorite products from these popular brands. Make sure to check the link in the description for more information on how to claim your voucher and make your next shopping trip even more delightful. Now let's delve into an intriguing phenomenon that has left people in awe. On May 22, 2024, around 09:04 p.m. phoenix mountain time, something unidentified was spotted over Arizona and parts of California. Several eyewitnesses took to Reddit, sharing their sightings and providing similar details with slight variations. They even shared still frames from recorded videos of this peculiar phenomenon. Speculations have been swirling on Reddit, suggesting that the object might have been a SpaceX launch from Florida. Although it was launched on the opposite coast earlier that evening, the suggested flight path would have potentially taken it over the reported sighting areas in the southwest after completing a global orbit. While this theory seems plausible, it's important to note that it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. The mystery of the strange UFO over Arizona continues to intrigue and fascinate. [00:07:02] Speaker E: Hey there, looking for your daily dose of news, entertainment, and inspiration? Look no further because STM has got you covered. Check out our STM daily news blog for the latest updates, insights, and practical tips about everyday life on a visual experience. Our vlog offers captivating videos that bring stories to life. And for those who prefer to listen on the go, our podcast dives deep into various topics that matter to you. But wait, there's more. Sign up for our STM and coffee newsletter filled with exclusive content and exciting updates. Don't miss out on the action. Click the link in the description to subscribe now. [00:07:50] Speaker B: Remember, you can find all the links and references mentioned in today's episode in the description, so be sure to check them out for more details. Until next time, thank you for tuning in and stay informed with STM Daily News. I'm your host, Rod Washington, saying, take care, stay curious, and we'll catch you in our next episode.

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