Charming Wedding on a Budget with Rebecca and Tina

Episode 6 April 02, 2023 00:11:04
Charming Wedding on a Budget with Rebecca and Tina
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Charming Wedding on a Budget with Rebecca and Tina

Apr 02 2023 | 00:11:04


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Rodney Washington Mike Sliwa

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New bride, Rebecca Jo Washington and her good friend Tina Lambert tell us how they successfully pulled off a charming wedding on practically a microbudget.


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Speaker 1 00:00:04 The Stories This Moment podcast and the SDM blog are brought to you by STM Daily News and TNC Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heals and educates STM Daily News is the news you can use this moment. Now here's your host, rod Washington. Speaker 2 00:00:24 Hello and welcome to the SDM Podcast. I'm your host Charles Elliot, and I'm filling in for Rod Washington. The reason Rod has taken time off from the show and left me in charge, he decided on a whim to go off and get married. I'm kidding. Both Rod and his new bride, Rebecca Joe contributor to the Daily News blog tied the Knot last weekend. So on today's podcast, Rebecca and her friend Tina will tell us how they pulled off a fun wedding on an extremely low budget. Yes, we'll talk about that and more on this episode of the podcast. Speaker 3 00:01:05 Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times in a person's life, but it can also be one of the most stressful, especially when you're on a strict budget. In this podcast, we'll be following recent bride Rebecca, Joe Washington, and her good friend and co-plan Tina Lambert as they share their tips and tricks for planning a beautiful wedding. Without breaking the bank from finding affordable rentals to choosing the perfect dress, Rebecca and Tina will take us through their journey of creating a magical day that's both memorable and budget friendly. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of wedding planning On a strict budget, Speaker 4 00:01:50 A lot of the, the ideals came from Rebecca. I didn't try to change 'em very much or anything like that was it was her wedding and her vision. So I tried not to change a lot of it, but we ordered stuff and we went to sales and things like that to get the products that we used and the, and the id, the things that we needed. So it was way under budget. Speaker 5 00:02:11 You can't not find it like in the stores. Go on Amazon search, do your, do your research. Yeah, do research. I did research to where, yeah, how much would it cost to buy four, four round cables and buy, you know, chairs. It was way too expensive. They wanted like a thousand dollars for like so many chairs and then so many tables. And then I went to a lot of the rentals, um, A and Z Reynolds. They did a really fantastic job. They've been in the valley for, for very many years. So, um, I said, well, I'm king. Give him a try it. If I buy an arch or I rent it, which way is it gonna go? So I went on there to see how much it was rented. It was $60 to rent. If you buy the arch, it's half the price, you Speaker 4 00:02:55 Know, so, and like the flowers and things like that. She purchased them online. And uh, you have somebody crafty like me that, you know, invite them in to say, Hey, help me out here. And, which I did, which I've known her for 20 years or more. And, uh, I came in and I did all the flower arrangements and put them together. I did her bouquet, the the centerpieces, um, all the, everyone, the flyers, the flyers onto the arch and everything like that, which I didn't charge her. Now if you can find somebody will do it real cheap, A friend or something that would help you out a lot. And we did all those for very, very cheap. So, Speaker 5 00:03:36 Or if you just know somebody that will do it for you cuz they really love you, Speaker 4 00:03:40 <laugh> like, like I Speaker 5 00:03:41 Did, like, yeah, like they'll just do it anyways. Speaker 4 00:03:43 It was probably a five or $6,000 wedding we did for around 2000. Speaker 5 00:03:48 Right? And then you have people that will do things for you as a wedding present. So like we had a photographer go ahead and pitch in. He was doing a favor for my wonderful husband Rod. So he, he did that. Veronica was very good at what she did. She was the ordained minister, did a great job. You don't find the most expensive restaurant in the world to care for yours. If it's not in your budget, don't do it. You could find little restaurants that would, that maybe you have eaten or if you liked you'd love, loved Dragon Bull. And it was very inexpensive to feed 30 people. Speaker 4 00:04:24 They brought it here and delivered it. And w we set it up. It was cheaper to do it that way. We set it up out here, Speaker 5 00:04:32 $43 for, for a buffet set. And I got still got 15% off on Speaker 4 00:04:36 Top of, I meant we had a whole table full of food. Everything went really smooth, everything was really gorgeous. Everybody talked about how gorgeous it was and it looked like a little princess wedding. And I mean it looked really nice and it was way under budget, like I said. And it, it just takes some timing and to check out where you can get something a little cheaper and it looks the same, you know, the qu same quality but just the hair cheaper, Speaker 5 00:05:04 Cut a little corners. You don't have to like scrape from the bottom of the jar, you know, cut a little corners. Like I've never had a real extravagant gown. That's why I went ahead and purchased them when I did. So I figured, well it either I take it, I, I get the bigger size and then have it taken in is better than having a small size and not be able to fit Speaker 4 00:05:24 It off. There again, you get a friend that knows how to sew and have them take it up, which I did. Speaker 5 00:05:30 Right. And that's it. And it's also better if you get a dress that has a corset because that way you can either loosen it up or you can tighten it up and my dress was 230 bucks on Amazon. And then, then don't do regular lighting, do solar lighting, Speaker 4 00:05:46 See the wedding's done and over with. And they have a beautiful arch that they purchased. It has the flowers and the vines on it. It's gorgeous out here. It's something they can remember from the wedding and keep. Speaker 5 00:05:59 And believe me, we would do this all over again. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:06:03 It Speaker 4 00:06:03 Was fun. It Speaker 5 00:06:04 Was a lot of fun. It was a blast. Oh my god, it was so much fun. It was most like the most funnest wedding I've ever had. <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:06:11 It was a lot of fun planning it and it was a lot of fun doing it. Like I said, I tried not to waiver too far away from what she wanted. If I had an idea, I would say, okay, I think it would work better this way. What do you think? And she normally would say, yeah, that looks better. But I tried to keep it her vision because it was her wedding. Speaker 5 00:06:29 Right. And there's a lot of things that she did that, I mean, you know, she set up a fake cake. Were more of a display. It was cute, you did a good job. Put the date on it. You can keep it forever. You know, some things didn't really occur with the way they're supposed to. Some things don't. But when you got friends that tell you don't sweat it, don't sweat it. It's always the best thing to do. Speaker 4 00:06:50 Don't sweat the small stuff. Yeah, because the major stuff will come along. You have to sweat it. So the small stuff don't, don't sweat it. Just kind of blow over and let it go. Speaker 5 00:07:00 And this yard is not very big, but it was, it saved, but it worked. It worked. And it saved us so much money. I looked online, they had it for 90 minutes for a thousand dollars just for a venue. I'm like, no. Speaker 4 00:07:15 So see that saved money there, just having it in the backyard and it was beautiful out Speaker 5 00:07:20 Here. Speaker 3 00:07:22 Thanks to Rebecca and Tina for giving us their tips on how to have a fantastic wedding for the couple on a tight budget. Beck, your wedding looked amazing. They are both correct. Do your research and check out places like Party City, Michael's, hobby Lobby, Amazon and others for the best deals on decorations. And check out your local rental companies for tables and chairs for your venue. You can see the video version of this interview on stm daily The links are in the description. Speaker 2 00:07:54 Okay, talking about weddings, I got the perfect gift suggestion. Soda Stream. What a coincidence that I just did a review for this item. So check out my review. Hey, this is Charles Elliot and this is my quick review of the Soda Stream. Beverage Carbonator a product that has been around for quite a while. Soda Stream is a healthier alternative to traditional soda because it allows you to control the amount of sugar and additives in your drinks. With Soda Stream, you can create your own sparkling water or flavored drinks using natural ingredients. Plus it's environmentally friendly and reduces plastic waste. I personally own a Soda Stream unit myself and have had it for over 12 years. I would recommend purchasing Soda Stream for a healthier and more sustainable beverage option. Thanks for watching. For more news and reviews, visit our [email protected] and also subscribe to us on YouTube. Hit that like button and notification bell. You can see the video version of this review on stm daily The link is in the description. Speaker 6 00:09:09 Are you looking for news that is both informative and inspiring? Look no further than TM Daily News. We provide stories and articles that provide insight without any sensationalism, doomed and gloom or partisan politics. With STM Daily News, you can stay up to date on what matters most in everyday life. Get informed, inspired, and stay in the know with S T M Daily News. That's stm daily The link is in the description Speaker 7 00:09:45 Here at the pickleball report. You can find tips and instruction interviews, product reviews, health and wellness, pickleball, commentary and news. So much more. So check us out. I'm Sleeves and this is the Pickleball report on YouTube. Speaker 2 00:10:10 Well, thanks for joining us today. And I would also like to thank Rebecca for sharing her wedding extravaganza with us. You can always catch us on ses dm daily, where you'll get the latest news and information. Some of it we present on this podcast. Please sign up for STM and Coffee, our newsletter to get the news you can use right into your inbox. Speaker 1 00:10:35 You've been listening to the Stories This Moment podcast with your host, rod Washington. The SDM podcast and the TM blog are both brought to you by t m Daily News and T N C Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heals and educates SST M Daily News is the news. You can use this moment.

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