Mike, Pickleball and Lip-synching

Episode 11 August 26, 2023 00:09:30
Mike, Pickleball and Lip-synching
STM Daily News Podcast
Mike, Pickleball and Lip-synching

Aug 26 2023 | 00:09:30


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Rodney Washington Mike Sliwa

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Join host Rod Washington as he sits down with Mike Sliwa, the host of the Senior Pickleball Report YouTube channel. Mike Sliwa's visit to the Daily News Podcast: Reliving his epic '87 lip-syncing skills from 'Putting on the Hits' - still a legend among shower singers!"




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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:05 The Stories This Moment podcast and the s d M blog are brought to you by S t M Daily News and T N C Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heal and educates. SS t m Daily News is the news you can use this moment. Now here's your host, rod Washington. Speaker 0 00:00:27 Hello Speaker 2 00:00:28 And welcome to the S t M Daily News podcast. And today we will continue our conversation with Mike Sliva, my partner in this journey of T N C Network and the host of his show Sleeves Senior Pickleball Report. We'll cover that and other news in this episode of Daily News podcast. A little back history, Mike and I have worked together for about 26 years. It was back in 1997 when we had a mutual interest in story writing, making films and video production. We started collaborating on ideas and after sharing, we started our indie film journey. Now, we both had experience in the entertainment industry prior to this first meeting. Let's join the conversation and learn more. Speaker 3 00:01:24 <laugh>. Let's talk about your past. You show me his past cleaver, Speaker 4 00:01:28 <laugh>. <laugh>. Yeah. So, you know, obviously we've talked about things about being on the air and, you know, uh, being in front of a camera. And you and I have worked together for 25 years doing a variety of things, but mainly, um, making dramas, short films, uh, docuseries or, um, I should say web series and, uh, a little bit of acting. But it all started way back in the eighties. A very strange time to begin with, um, uh, where lip-syncing was, um, what I call the karaoke of the day. Um, karaoke was not really a big thing or a thing much in the eighties. Um, but lip-syncing was, so, in other words, you'd take a song and you would lip sync to it. And there was this television show at that point, which was a syndicated show. Um, it was a Dick Clark production, I believe. Speaker 4 00:02:25 The main producer on the show was a guy named Rack, r a k Clark, which was Dick Clark's younger brother. Looked a lot like him, and the show was called Putting on the Hits. Um, and again, you know, syndicated, you find it on a lot of channels. It came on, I believe once a week, probably on a Saturday afternoon or something like that, depending on the market you were in. And it was, uh, you brought in different acts to lip sync songs and they would compete for cash prizes. Um, and, you know, you'd win your show, you'd move on, you'd go to the next round and blah, blah, blah. And eventually at the end of the season, there was a grand champion, sort of like star search, but for people that didn't have much talent or as much talent <laugh>. So I was on that show in 1987, which actually happened to be the last season of it. Speaker 4 00:03:14 I think it was a show from 84 to 87. So it was four full seasons. And, uh, I was on the last season not knowing it at the time that it was gonna be the last season, but ended up being that way. And, uh, I did a little, uh, lip sync with a college friend of mine, high school friend of mine, who actually I just saw last month in Wisconsin for the first time in about seven, eight years, Uhhuh <affirmative>. Um, and we did a little lip sync by, uh, Mick Jagger and David Bowie when they remade, like everybody apparently is remade the song, uh, dancing in the Streets, dancing in Speaker 3 00:03:45 The Streets, Speaker 4 00:03:46 <laugh>. Um, and we were dressed like Milkmen and we were called the Milk Dudes, and we did not get out of the first round. So Speaker 3 00:03:52 <laugh> Oh, <laugh>, we beat out by the Poker Boys. Speaker 4 00:03:57 We were beat by everybody about it. <laugh>. So the way it goes is, um, go ahead. I Speaker 3 00:04:04 Think that season had those guys doing ready for the world doing it. They, Speaker 4 00:04:09 I think you're right. Yeah. Yeah, because Speaker 3 00:04:11 I remember that because Speaker 4 00:04:12 The winner caught my eye, the winner. That's what cut my off the winner of our se Yeah, the winner of our season was a guy that did that Paul Castle, hard Castle Song. 19 Oh, about Vietnam 19. Speaker 3 00:04:23 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:04:23 Yeah. He was dressed like a soldier and he kind of did a robot thing. Robot Speaker 3 00:04:27 1919. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:04:30 Which we actually, which we actually used later when I, uh, yes, lip Sync continued. Um, when I was a high school teacher, we would do a talent show and a bunch of my buddies used to do this thing. We were the bubblegum boys and we did a, a medley of songs and we put the 19 one in there. So, uh, a little tip of the cap to, uh, the Paul Hard Hardcastle 19 version of the Yeah, yeah. But yeah, good times. Uh, long time ago, obviously, 1987, I had a mullet. I had a dangly earring of a lizard hanging off my ear. I was dressed like a milkman at times. Um, <laugh>, but really cool. Uh, I got to meet a lot of cool people. Some of 'em I kept in touch with over the years. Some of 'em I still keep in touch with, with over the years. Um, so we go look back at those days and when we were all skinnier and more flexible, Speaker 2 00:05:19 Mike talks about his experience of visiting LA and being on a nationally syndicated television show as he was entering young adulthood. Speaker 4 00:05:29 When I went to the show, I had just turned 20, um, and the drinking age was 19 in Wisconsin at that point. Yeah. Um, but in California it was 21. And I remember because that the first night we were there, we, we stayed at the, uh, universal Sheridan. Yeah. Um, and I think at that point there was a, like a, a Laughin comedy club in the building or something like that. And so we went to a show and I'm like, we, we can't, I don't if we can drink here, but I ordered drinks and they didn't card me, so it was fine. Speaker 3 00:06:06 <laugh>. Ah, you're like all nervous. Can I see your id? Speaker 4 00:06:13 I got a mullet. <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:06:16 And then do you remember, um, you remember the franchise, uh, uh, Tony Romas. It was a rip play. Yeah. So we did, um, prior to being recorded Uhhuh, what happened is they took all the contestants that wanted to, they, well, and they took everybody to, to, to the restaurant. And then, um, whoever wanted to go up on stage and do their act, could do their act because the act was only a minute and a half. You had to narrow down a song to about a minute and a half. So we went up there and did our little thing in front of some folks and, uh, watched a bunch of other acts. So it was fun. The host was Alan Fossett. Do you remember that guy? Speaker 3 00:06:48 Yes, I remember. Speaker 4 00:06:50 Yes indeed. I think the winner of our show, I don't dunno if you remember this one, the winner of our show, our particular episode were these guys, it looked like they were sitting on somebody's back, you know, but it was their legs and it was a head that would come out, like from their waist, and then their upper body would be there, and they were dressed like, uh, royalty. And it, the song was, um, Henry VIII by Herman the Hermits. I am Anna the Eighth Thaw I am. And it had the Big Turkey thing and, uh, eating it. And they ended up winning our show. So Speaker 3 00:07:19 He had a little bit of fame, Speaker 4 00:07:21 A little bit, little bit. I thought that was gonna be it for me. I'm like, oh, I'm sure somebody will see this. I'll be putting some movie, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Phone number rang weird. No Speaker 3 00:07:31 <laugh>. He's in Wisconsin. Look at the phone not ringing. Speaker 4 00:07:35 How come my touchstone phone isn't ringing? Speaker 3 00:07:37 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:07:39 Hey, Mike Sliva, a big thanks for joining my podcast and cracking this up with your epic tails of lip-syncing. Glory on putting on the hits. You can catch the latest episode of Sleeve Senior Pickleball reporter on YouTube. Please watch, share, subscribe to his show, visit his website, and check out his merch page. You will have the link in the description. Speaker 5 00:08:01 Get the news you need with our s d m and Coffee newsletter. Stay up to date on the latest stories and articles posted on our blog, s d m Daily News. Don't miss out on the latest news with the s d m and Coffee newsletter. Get it delivered straight to your inbox. Click the link in the description or head to sst m daily news.com and subscribe now. That's the s d m and Coffee newsletter. Get your subscription today. Speaker 2 00:08:34 That's it for this episode of the SS t m Daily News podcast. Thank you for stopping by and listening to our show. Don't forget to check out our news blog, our social media pages, and our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our newsletter. The links are in the description. Until next time, bye for nine. Speaker 1 00:08:59 You've been listening to The Stories This Moment podcast with your host Rod Washington. The s d m podcast and the s t m Vlog are both brought to you by s t m Daily News, N T N C Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heals and educates. S t M Daily News is the news. You can use this moment.

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