Exploring the Pickleball Documentary: Billionaires and Pro Scene

June 23, 2024 00:07:53
Exploring the Pickleball Documentary: Billionaires and Pro Scene
STM Daily News Podcast
Exploring the Pickleball Documentary: Billionaires and Pro Scene

Jun 23 2024 | 00:07:53


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Rodney Washington Mike Sliwa

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Welcome to the STM Daily News podcast, where we bring you the latest news from across the globe. In this episode, our host Rod Washington delves into the captivating documentary, "Dreambreaker: A Pickleball Story." Recently, Mike Sliwa sat down with director Ashley Underwood on his podcast, "People of Pickleball," uncovering the explosive growth of pickleball and the race between billionaires for control. Join us as we explore the emergence of pro pickleball, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the documentary, and discover the involvement of billionaires in the pro pickleball scene. With exclusive insights from Ashley Underwood, this episode offers a unique perspective on the cultural significance of pickleball and its impact on people's lives. Don't miss this enthralling discussion! Find the full interview on the Sleeve's Senior Pickleball Report YouTube channel.

See the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8vVMRIaAxh4 

Dreambreaker: A Pickleball story





Watch the trailer on Deadline.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: The stories this moment podcast and the STM blog are brought to you by STM Daily News and TNC Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps, heals and educates. STM Daily News is the news you can use. This moment. Now here's your host, Rod Washington. [00:00:22] Speaker B: Welcome to another episode of STM Daily. [00:00:24] Speaker C: News podcast, your source for the latest news and updates from around the globe. I'm your host, Rod Washington, and today we have an exciting wrap up for you. We'll be discussing the captivating documentary dreambreaker of pickleball story, which has been making waves in the world of pickleball recently. But first, let's dive into some intriguing details. Recently, our colleague Mike Sliwa had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented director and producer Ashley Underwood on his podcast, People of Pickleball. Together they uncovered the explosive growth of pickleball and the exhilarating race between billionaires for control. It was a conversation that left us all fascinated and eager. For more on the STM Daily news blog, I have recently published an article recapping the episode of People of Pickleball featuring Ashley Underwood. This captivating episode saw the show's host, sleeves, engaging in a deep discussion about Ashley's latest documentary, dream a pickleball story. [00:01:25] Speaker B: The film takes viewers on a remarkable journey exploring the explosive growth of pickleball. [00:01:30] Speaker C: And the intriguing race between billionaires vying for control of the pro pickleball scene. We'll take a deep dive into the story after these messages. [00:01:56] Speaker D: Are you a devoted pickleball enthusiast in search of top notch gear and services? Look no further than sleeves affiliate. Shop, your ultimate destination for all things pickleball. Not only will you discover an impressive selection of sleeve specific merch gear, but youll also get the chance to explore gear and merchandise that our terrific show host Mike Slieva has previously reviewed. But thats not all. At sleeves pickleball affiliate and partnershop, youll find links to our friends of the show who offer pickleball specific online stores, apps and services. By stopping by and checking out our extraordinary collection, you not only enhance your game, but also show your support for our show sleeves senior Pickleball report. So why wait? Join us in celebrating the love for pickleball and dive into a world of top notch gear and services. [00:02:56] Speaker E: Hey there, looking for your daily dose of news, entertainment and inspiration? Look no further because STM has got you covered. Check out. Check out our STM daily news blog for the latest updates, insights and practical tips about everyday life. Want a visual experience? Our vlog offers captivating videos that bring stories to life. And for those who prefer to listen on the go, our podcast dives deep into various topics that matter to you. But wait, there's more. Sign up for our STM and coffee newsletter filled with exclusive content and exciting updates. Don't miss out on the action. [00:03:43] Speaker C: Let's take a closer look at the key highlights from the episode. Underwood delved into the emergence of pro pickleball, shedding light on its awe and aspiring growth from a grassroots sport to a professional spectacle. The inclusive nature of pickleball has contributed to its popularity, capturing the hearts of players of all ages and abilities. The exponential growth of this beloved sport serves as a captivating backdrop for the exploration presented in Dreambreaker. Underwood skillfully unveils the enthralling world of wealthy elites drawn to this rapidly expanding sport. Their presence adds an extra layer of intrigue to the race for control. Underwood delves into their motivations, rivalries and strategies, painting an exclusive portrait rarely seen. Mike is here to talk to us about the interview and his involvement with the documentary. Take it away, Mike. [00:04:36] Speaker F: This leaves you with the senior pickleball report with our people of Pickleball. Episode preview Ashley Underwood, director of Dreambreaker, a pickleball story full length feature documentary about the growth of the game and the battle between the rich and the famous at the professional level. Ashley and I sat down and discussed the challenges of making this film. [00:05:03] Speaker G: Because I know we decided to do the pro, you know, focus on the pros. And I know, I think especially the feedback I got from, like, executives. Like, they were just like, oh, we really, you know, I think people really wanted it to be in the rec space because you have all these characters and that's, and that's what people know. But once we decided to focus on this sport within, like, the professional space, I definitely wanted, wanted to include, you know, some of the culture and the people who are in that rec space. And we have just to make the film, like, a bit more colorful. And also, it's pretty unique. And pickleball is one of the only professional sports, like, you know, it's got like a kind of a wacky, like, quirky side to it. And I wanted the film to have that tone, too. So it's like, I want to honor the professionals and what they're trying to do. I mean, these people are real athletes, and so I want to honor that side of it. But it's like, you know, and when you go to the tournaments, what you see is you have pro players with the, you know, amateur or the recreational fight. Right. They are coexisting at tournaments. So, and that's pretty unique about this sport that those two can sort of coexist, or at least for the moment. [00:06:18] Speaker F: I was part of this film as a narrator, so I saw firsthand the complexity of storytelling that took place with all these different entities trying to gain control of the game. [00:06:30] Speaker G: Well, every time I screen the film, you're, I think you're always, you're just sort of universally like everyone's favorite part of the movie, including my own. I think you're, you know, you're so articulate, so knowledgeable about the sport, and you really have a fun way of getting information that's, frankly, like, it's complex and it's confusing. So I, it is. You had a great way of, like, delivering that information and streamlining, you know, what the, you know what the story is. [00:07:02] Speaker F: So join us. For our people, the pickleball episode was Ashley Underwood, director, producer, co creator of Dreambreaker, a pickleball story. [00:07:15] Speaker B: To catch the full episode of Ashley Underwood's interview, head over to the sleeve. Senior pickleball report, YouTube channel. [00:07:22] Speaker C: It's a must watch. [00:07:33] Speaker B: Thank you all for joining us today. [00:07:35] Speaker C: On STM daily news podcast. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions on the topics that matter. Until next time, this is Rod Washington signing off. You.

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