We're Back Again

Episode 9 July 02, 2023 00:10:51
We're Back Again
STM Daily News Podcast
We're Back Again

Jul 02 2023 | 00:10:51


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Rodney Washington Mike Sliwa

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The Podcast is back after a short two-month hiatus.

Get the latest project updates and exciting announcements on the STM Daily News Podcast's episode "We're Back Again." Stay informed about ongoing projects and discover new initiatives shaping the future in this informative and engaging episode. Tune in now!

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:06 The Stories This Moment podcast and the SDM blog are brought to you by S TM Daily News and TNC Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heal and educates. S TM Daily News is the news you can use this moment. Now here's your host, rod Washington. Speaker 2 00:00:25 Hello and welcome to this episode of the Daily News podcast. We are back. Yes, indeed. We are back after a two month highs. In this episode, we are gonna play catch up. We are gonna talk about some of the items that we covered on the news blog, updates on current and upcoming projects, and Mike Slee will be here to talk about some cool things coming to sleeves, pickleball report all that and more right here on the Daily News podcast. Let's get into it. Breaking news, sunrise Growers Incorporated calls frozen fruit products over TER contamination concerns stay safe and return affected items for refund. Here's the story. In recent news, a voluntary recall has been issued for specific frozen fruit products due to possible contamination by list area Monita genes. The affected products include various brands of frozen, various peaches and other fruit mixes sold at major retailers across the United States. The recall was initiated by the F D A C D C after reports of several cases of osis, a serious infection caused by consuming contaminated food. Speaker 2 00:01:42 Consumers who have purchased any of the effective products are are advised to return them to the store, dispose of them immediately. If you wanna know the product and retailer affected by the recall, visit our daily news website or check the link in the description. During our two month hiatus, we have been working on upcoming projects. One of our main projects, the Daily News podcast, delves into Mass Transit urbanism in a new upcoming series featuring diverse viewpoints. Stay tuned for updates on our pre-production journey. Get ready for an exhilarating r cubic AZ series continues with short podcast episodes leading to the thrilling conclusion and as seamless transition to imminent contact. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey. Hey, pickleball enthusiasts, join us as Mike Sliva, your go-to expert brings you the latest updates on Senior Pickleball report. So, Mike, what's going on? Speaker 3 00:02:40 Thanks Rod. Here's what we got. As we approach the midpoint of 2023, our channel continues to grow and expand its reach in the areas of product reviews, playing tips and interviews. We've had the opportunity to speak with professional pickleball, team franchise owners, general managers and players in the newly formed National Pickleball League. We've also spoken with social media platform developers that are specifically pickleball related, as well as those who are creating technology and apparel to advance the enjoyment of the game. Our reviews continue to highlight the latest paddle technology as well as some new products that we will reveal soon. We know our viewers and subscribers enjoy player instruction and insight. Therefore, we are going to create more consistent content in those areas as well. Our newsletter is now available and keeps you informed of the latest developments in our ever-growing community. Finally, as we move forward, our channel will be part of a major motion picture in early 2024, so stay tuned. Speaker 2 00:03:35 Wow, Mike, that's awesome. We'll be looking out for your updates. We have more news after this break. Speaker 4 00:03:43 Get the news you need with ours, STM and Coffee Newsletter. Stay up to date on the latest stories and articles posted on our blog, STM Daily News. Don't miss out on the latest news with the STM and Coffee newsletter. Get it delivered straight to your inbox. Click the link in the description or head over to stm daily news.com and subscribe now. That's the STM and Coffee newsletter. Get your subscription today. Speaker 5 00:04:09 Are you a pickleball enthusiast over the age of 50? Check out sleeves, senior Pickleball Report a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the latest news and updates on the sport. Get the scoop on the newest trends, the latest equipment, and the best strategies for success. Make sure you're on top of the game and stay informed with the Senior Pickleball report. Speaker 2 00:04:41 Welcome back. I mentioned earlier in this podcast that we will be working on a series about mass transportation and urbanism. I am what you may call a rail fan and have had an interest in trains and transit since I was a youngster. Recently. I have seen an uptick in videos and posts about the subject and the fact that we are a car dependent nation. They're my favorites who make great content like City Nerd, not just Bikes, RM Transit, and Alan Fisher to name a few Daily News will continue to cover this topic. Even though you'll see news from La Metrolink in Southern California and Valley Metro here in Phoenix, you will see articles and videos from across the nation and across the globe. With that said, here's a story from Southern California. The regional connector opened last month. Speaker 6 00:05:38 The LA Metro Regional Connector, which opened on June 16th, 2023, is a groundbreaking project that has revolutionized mass transit in Los Angeles with the construction of a 1.9 mile light rail tunnel. It connects the a and e lines with the former L line providing a seamless ride between downtown Long Beach and Azusa. Previously, passengers had to transfer at seventh Street Metro Center Station causing inconvenience and delays. This project eliminates the need for multiple transfers, reducing travel time and improving efficiency. Implemented by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The regional connector marks a monumental moment for mass transit in la, enhancing connectivity and accessibility across the region. For more information about the regional connector, visit metro.net/connector. The link is in the description, Speaker 2 00:06:40 Partnering with Fries Foods and the local va. Diane Gregor Outreach service is held an event veggies for vets at the Hayden VA Hospital in here's the story. Speaker 7 00:06:53 Diana Gregory's Outreach is making a real difference in the community and their latest event. Veggies for Veterans is a testament to their commitment to honoring our nation's heroes and promoting healthy eating. Speaker 8 00:07:05 We just wanna help combat food insecurity and we wanna make sure that no veteran goes to bed hungry and we just want to thank all of our sponsors. Uh, we're here celebrating and honoring our veterans and we just want to let everyone know that we wanna give back and that's what we're doing. Speaker 7 00:07:31 The event was a collaborative effort with volunteers from Fries Foods and other local organizations coming together to make it a success. Speaker 9 00:07:39 It's such an essential thing to get some of the basic needs that people have that they can't get. And today, this is really awesome. I mean, you know, I love fruit is good for you. They got avocados in here, some peppers. I'm a cook, so this really helps me out. The cost of everything nowadays is so much. This really means a lot. Speaker 10 00:08:00 I'm here because of Diana. Diana does such an outstanding job of taking care of the veterans and the seniors who are in situations where they don't have fresh fruits and vegetables. Speaker 7 00:08:13 The fact that the event took place so close to Memorial Day gave it special meaning, Speaker 9 00:08:18 And I thank the people who are hosting this that put this out here and the people that came out to help work and service and make these bags up for us. Veteran. It's just awesome. It's just awesome. Speaker 7 00:08:29 Diana Gregory should be praised for her dedication to providing fresh fruits and vegetables to our nation's seniors and veterans. Her organization Diana Gregory's Outreach is making a real difference in the community and events like Veggies for Veterans are a testament to her commitment to making our world a better place. Speaker 10 00:08:46 And I'll tell you what, uh, Diana's inspiration to all of us, and it's an opportunity that we take pleasure in and being able to support Diana and also get out and help these veterans and the senior people with their, uh, fresh fruits and vegetables. Speaker 11 00:09:07 NASA's James Web Space Telescope has discovered a mini Neptune planet called GJ 1214 be outside our solar system. The planet's steamy atmosphere and high reflectivity had previously made it difficult to study. However, the telescope's mid-infrared instrument was able to capture a heat map of the planet revealing its composition and distribution of heat. This discovery could provide important clues to the formation and history of many Neptunes and potentially lead to the discovery of water rich Water World Planets. Visit STM Daily News. For more fascinating stories like this, sign up for our newsletter, STM and Coffee and subscribe to us on YouTube. Don't forget to click the notification bell. Speaker 2 00:10:02 I would like to thank you for joining us today on STM Daily News podcast. I'm your host, rod Washington, and I will see you next time right here. Bye bye for now. Speaker 1 00:10:21 You've been listening to the Stories This Moment podcast with your host Rod Washington. The s d m podcast and the s t m blog are both brought to you by SST m. Daily News and TNC Network. Daily News offers news and articles that inspires, helps heal and educates. S T M Daily News is the news. You can use this moment.

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